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discovery: during my time in the h50 fandom, i failed to learn that the hawaiian word for house is hale

but the hawaiian word for house is, in fact, hale

reason for this discovery: the hotel i’m at has placed their assorted features under tents with big awnings identifying them as the [whatever] hale

activity hale, towel hale, bar hale, etc etc

this is…not going to be helpful in terms of not dwelling on my derek feels, you guys

Except in Hawaiian it is pronounced há-lé, not hāle.

not a bedtime story:


So, I got this question in my inbox this afternoon:

I’ve actually heard that some people think that Tony and Reed both have Ausberger’s Syndrome or autism, though to different degrees of severity, which affects the ability to understand the emotional responses of other people, leading to poor communication skills and also tends to include having a restricted interest in activities. Not saying that this doesn’t mean that Reed and Tony aren’t asses at times, but I wondered what you think of this?

And, well, I wanted to talk about it. 

So, first of all, a quick and very non-comprehensive terminology lesson so we’re all on the same page: Asperger’s Syndrome and autism are two of several conditions that fall under the umbrella of things that are, at the moment, classified as “pervasive developmental disorders” (and that is, for the record, the last time I will use the word “disorder” in this post, because it, as a word, bums my shit right out). But! Folks with these conditions are usually referred to as being on the autism “spectrum”, because the severity with which they manifest is more of a scale than anything else. For a much, much more comprehensive breakdown of this stuff, you guys can check out The Autism Society website.

Now, to get personal for a second: you probably don’t know this, tumblr, but my baby brother, referred to ‘round these parts as Burrito, is on the spectrum. It’s not something I typically feel it necessary to mention, because it has absolutely no bearing on the person he is—and oh, man, you guys, Burrito is a lot of person. Y’all who’ve been following for awhile know that already; my kid brother is the single coolest 12 year old around. He rocks a leather jacket and aced the drum solo at his band concert tonight; last week, we pounded chili and donuts and made our own 100 Greatest (Musical) Artists Of All Time list, because VH1’s, to our mutual agreement, sucks. He’s hilarious and interesting and so kind and one of my favorite people on the planet, and he also happens to process information and interact with the world in a slightly different way than I do. And I mention that only to give you guys a frame of reference for where I’m coming from here; I make no claims of being any kind of expert on anything, at all. I just happen to have spent 12 years getting to know my baby bro, with the chance to look at the world the way he looks at it, so I come into things with a slightly wider lens of experience than I’d have otherwise. 

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