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Cosmo Sex Tip #1701


When they plead for more, adopt a Scottish accent and yell, “I’M GIVIN’ HER ALL SHE’S GOT, CAPTAIN!


cosmo sex tip #426: just before climax lean down into your partner’s face and whisper “and now, a word from our sponsor”


cosmo sex tip #353: right when they are about to climax, lean in close to your partner’s face and whisper “and now, the weather” before bursting out in a seemingly random song

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cosmo tip #696


if a guy buys you a bunch of drinks and then expects you to have sex with him you can just give him back the drinks by puking into his lap

Cosmo Sex Tip # 438


When you finish taking off his shirt look him straight in the eyes and whisper this is my design

cosmo sex tip #645

When she sees your dick for the first time look her dead in the eye and say “it glows blue when orcs are close”

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Cosmo Sex Tip #147

Right before he orgasms rip out his throat and whisper I’m the alpha now 

cosmo tip #564


When he gets his pants off, point and sing “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me” 

cosmo tip #457


If a boy sends you a picture of his penis, send him a picture of a bigger penis.

Cosmo sex tip #7729


As he’s about to climax kick him out of bed and say, “I’m the Alpha now.”

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