Hi, I'm Morgan, I'm a fangeek, and I live with ADHD and a therapy cat called Luna.

Tea! Adagio really knows how to make up for a rejected coupon code. First my asthma tea, blended for me by Danii G, came in this cool tin instead of the canister I was expecting. It has the ingredient ratios on the bottom and everything. Then, they upgraded my order of Peach Oolong iced tea bags from 6 to 25. I am super thrilled and can’t wait to try them. Thank you, Adagio!

Also, for people into Fandom Teas, Danii/yarnzipangirl also makes Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries blends that are amazing. She makes teas for a few other fandoms too, and a really nice Shark Week tea for people who menstruate.

  1. thatdizkid said: Adagio is the shizzle. I was thinking of making a blend based off of you a while back.
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